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"Painting is a verb, not a noun."


    My artistic intent is to take what has come before in the arena of painting and sculpture, add my responses to what I have experienced in life and make art that goes beyond the former and visually reflects the latter.     The underlying themes in my work are freedom and connection to the world in which I live. As a young man, before I came to the realization that I was an artist, I was neither free nor connected. I felt at odds with the world, which led to depression, anger and run-ins with authority. Those things made me a prisoner, either of my own pain or of the state. Once I came to art, I felt free and recognized a place for me in the world.    I could have chosen to paint the mean streets or jails that had been my home for so long or try to illustrate the accompanying anger and frustration, but all that was clearly the “before” aspect of my life. The “after” is standing atop a high place, my feet on sun-warmed granite, commanding a view of river, lake or ocean below. It is gliding in the Da’s ould canoe along the shore of stream or lake whose surface acts as both window and mirror, revealing rocks below and reflecting trees and sky above.    I am a poet and musician and bring both disciplines into play when I paint. Sometimes, when I make music, I do so with harmonicas, congas or a drum kit, but often I use a washboard, spoons, wooden “bones” which I have carved and even cardboard boxes. Sometimes when I paint, I do so  with brushes and canvas but often, I use ad hoc tools to make my marks on found supports
.    My friend and Maine’s poet laureate, Wes McNair says a [...]

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