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  I paint the landscape because I’m one of those people who can not live without wild things. I need more than to take photos, I need to experience the landscape through a painting, to make that conscious connection to the feeling and mood of a place, to become part of that moment and not just pass through it.  
  My medium of choice is oil colors because of their rich and vibrant pigments. I’ve always been fascinated with color and oils have the power to capture the infinite variety of colors I find in nature. They are also the perfect medium for a plein air (outdoor) painter because they are not effected by the weather. This is important to me because weather often creates some of the most beautiful and interesting subjects.  
  Most of my paintings are created en plein air in a representational or impressionistic style. The mood of the day and how I envision my subject matter determines the style. I also use these plein air paintings and/or studies for color references and reliving the moment and mood of that day when creating larger versions in the studio. 
Thank you for visiting my web site and I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I did creating them.
Kerry Wallner

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