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Kerry with view of southern Colorado's San Juan Mountains near her home in Creede.
Kerry Eriksen divides her time between the charming, former fishing village of Lantana on Florida's east coast and the picturesque old silver mining town of Creede, nestled among the San Juan Mountains and the Rio Grande River of Colorado.
Her interest in art developed early on in childhood. Kerry pursued her art education by studying for several years with marine artist Murray York of Nova Scotia, refining her drawing, compositional, and painting skills. Kerry has studied the works and publications of master artists John Carlson, Richard Schmid and Edgar Payne and believes that the practice of plein air painting is essential to being a great artist.  Kerry was introduced to plein air painting a decade ago with artist Rick Howell of Mogote, Colorado. Rick also stressed the importance of a limited palette in achieving the subtle colors which are so appealing in her paintings.
Studying great paintings and learning from master artists is an ongoing project, one which Kerry believes does not end throughout an artists lifetime. Kerry has been inspired by many living artists and many that have gone on before us especially the seascapes of William Merritt Chase, Frederick Waugh and Winslow Homer. Kerry completed a year long mentorship program with nationally recognized landscape painter Rick Howell of Mogote, Colorado as well as workshops with Donald Demers, George VanHook, Jim McVicker and Richard Oversmith. 
The ever changing scenery and moods of Floridas skies and seacoast continue to inspire Kerry to capture the subtle beauty and quality of light evident in her impressionistic paintings.  
Kerry is a member of Plein Air Palm Beach, a group of fellow artists intent on capturing and recording the ever changing south Florida environment. 
Kerry is also inspired by the very great beauty [...]

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