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Kerri painted in oils as a young person, and through her college years.  Her training included private lessons from a local artist in north Jersey, where she was raised with her four siblings, and school based projects at her high school.  In college, at Mount Saint Mary's, in Maryland, art was her concentration elective as she studied to become a teacher.  While Kerri dabbled in painting as she was teaching elementary school, it was not her main focus.  Her main focus was her husband, Scott, and their four children, Billy, Christine, Kiera and Cate.  
Two years ago, Scott and Kerri moved their family to a bucolic 'gentlemen's farm' in Hunterdon County in central Jersey.  There, Kerri's passion for painting was reignited.   She just can't stay away from the studio!  Scott and Kerri love to ride their bikes through the rural parts of the 'Garden State', and into Buck's County, PA, snapping photos of scenes that eventually become Kerri's paintings.  In the less than two years since Kerri started painting again, she has produced dozens of paintings that we hope you will enjoy!

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