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Ken Pieper has always been an artist. His mother recognized this God given talent very early in his childhood and gave strong support and encouragement. His first “doodles” were of the airplanes he watched while the family was visiting his dad at the army air corps base where he was stationed.
To his delight the first commercial art job offered to Ken was an aircraft company to illustrate replacement parts; but sadly Ken was 17 and too young to meet their corporate model. Another opportunity came from Grumman Aircraft in Bethpage, New York. Ken being the small town South Texas country boy that he was at the time simply felt too intimidated by such a radical change from his small town environment.
He turned to the residential construction industry which led him to the art of architectural renderings. Because of his somewhat limited access to formal art training at a local commercial art school he took a correspondence course with the famous Art Institute in Connecticut. After visiting a friend at his Houston studio doing architectural renderings of homes it clicked something in him that would start a business that has expanded into one of the largest architectural illustration companies in the country turning out literally thousands of renderings a year to builders and developers across the United States.
Being connected to the construction industry has ultimately tied his company with the roller coaster trends of the industry. Ken has always adapted during the ups and downs. In 2008 in the major “down turn” he started a full time pursuit of fine art. This time the art was inspired by the nature and landscape of the Rocky Mountains where he and his wife Dianne have lived for the past 25 years. Here he can watch an empty canvas come to life with colorful pigments [...]

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