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When passion drives you
Ken Young’s boyhood passion was to draw. Growing up in Hudson, NY he’d marshal his spare change to buy Marvel and DC Comics, then meticulously copy the fanciful characters that populated their pages. “I was fascinated by cartoon art,” recalls Young. “The energy and the boldness of the images really captured my attention” His next furtive step into the world of art was to acquire some “paint by numbers” kits, “which weren’t great art, but I was ten years old, and they taught me detail and precision.”
From comic books and paint-by-number kits to a real art course was a leap of faith for Young and his family. Relying on his tenacity and dedication, however, when the salesman for Art Instruction Schools called to follow up on Young’s “Draw Me” submission, which Young had dutifully sent in as response to one of their ubiquitous match book or magazine ads, the decision was made “It was expensive, for us, at least.” Young remembers the stress on his mother’s family budget that the tuition placed. “But I promised to stay with it…and I did” Every few weeks, Young would receive another instruction book and an assignment. Every week, in the evenings after his homework was finished and on weekends when his friends and classmates were out “being kids,” Young was working at home, being an artist.
“I still have those books,” he recalls. “And every once in a while, I pull one out to give me some insight into how I can tackle a new technique or refine my perspective.”
Becoming an artist
$300.00. 24 books. Countless assignments finished, submitted, graded, and returned. By the time he was in high school, people in town recognized that this was more than a passing fad. Ken Young was an artist. In fact, when he missed the [...]

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