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Kenn was born 1941 in Logandale, Nevada.  He found the love of art in high school where his desire to draw and craft works of art was encouraged by his art teacher and noted artist, Max Bunnell. 
Kenn graduated from high school with top honors in art and went on to study art and engineering at Brigham Young University.   
After graduating from BYU Kenn went to work in the aerospace industry but continued to design and build mosaic inlay tables, make turned wood bowls and jewelry.
After graduating from BYU with a BS degree in Design Engineering and a minor in Art, he went to work at McDonald Douglas Aircraft as an Associate Engineer Scientist in the aircraft interior department. 
Kenn eventuallly started his own business machining aircraft part.  He was never far away from art and became fascinated with the idea of using high tech computer controlled metal working machines to carve geometric designs in wood and metal.  The Universal swirl wall hanging was carved out of walnut wood on his $80,000 CNC milling machine .
Kenn was involved  in the community theater from time to time using his artist talent to design, build and paint sets while his wife, Joyce, who is an accomplished pianist and music teacher, teaches singing and sometimes helps by rehearsing and conducting the theater orchestra .   Kenn designed and painted the scenery for the local community theaters production of Music Man.  It was a major undertaking as it was on a very large outdoor stage where it was to be preformed.   He started out constructing a small scale of the stage and sets using foam core board.  Than when that was approved by the director the construction and painting began. 
The library scene had to be rotated for the River City main street scene and had to fit closely between the other sets.  Ever thing had to work  for quick scene [...]

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