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"I love art"

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Your colors are soothing

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You make the rest of us in this studio look like amateurs

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Theresa Martin
I left school in by the 9th grade, raised 5 children and a grandson.  Today I have many grands and great grands.  At the age of 68, I earned a Masters of Liberal Arts in education and at 70 earned a second Masters in Adult Education.  Yet, none of these accomplishments have distracted me from my love for making dolls.  So, I am right now doing what I love, especially with African cloth.  So, now I am in college again, this time for an art degree.  My new love is to actually do surface design my own cloth with professional dyes in colors, shapes and textures I create.
Kenneth Martin
 Some of you have wondered how my life was changed forever. In 1967, December 30 at 1:30 pm, there was oil spilled on the freeway. My car went into a tailspin, I had no seatbelt. I was ejected from my car with a broken neck, broken femur and broken left shoulder. At a critical point in my life, I discovered the power of creativity. Art allowed me to transcend any pain and regret. My mindset changed from disability to ability and at 70 years of age, I am yet creating.



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