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The Artist Says:

"Your life can change at a moment's notice... & the moments you notice can change your life."

Collectors Say:

"Absolutely breathtaking print! Kenna is a true artist and professional. The packaging was phenominal as well as our communication. I now have a wonderful new friend!  Thank you so much Kenna."   -Jennifer

"Kenna--Your work, and the personal touch you offered during this transaction, are both amazing. You were so easy to work with--and so thoughtful."  -Kendra

"Kenna does great work, taking the time to make beautiful prints and matting them nicely. She was very accommodating when I added an additional request. I'm very happy."   PJTee


 Though keenly interested in art and photography since youth, I entered “career-world” in a corporate office, wielding a Communications degree from Pepperdine University.  However, my relationship with cubicle-life was not an amicable one.   A greater sense of purpose, as well as the beauty of Nature and the outdoors, beckoned me... relentlessly.Modifying the usage of my Communications degree, I embarked upon a career in outdoor education and preservation.  Whitewater raft-guiding and teaching at Outdoor Science School allowed me to immerse myself in nature… AND showed me the vast behavioral changes that accompany inspiration.   Sharing the wonders of nature, while teaching preservation, proved to be a most powerful motivator for students and adults alike.  Someone who has learned to truly LOVE the outdoors makes a much better steward than someone who just hears what he or she “should” do for the environment.  Encouraged by the successes of my newly inspired students, I embarked on a mission to share nature’s beauty with more people… to “take it” to those who may not otherwise experience it.Another avenue of sharing, teaching, and inspiring had revealed itself.  So, I embraced the visual element of communication, and photography has proved to be a wonderful aid in encouraging appreciation and preservation of Nature.It is my sincere hope that something in my photography speaks to You, and that we ALL become “inspired students” together… caring for our world better, not because we should or have to, but because we want to.


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