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It took 24 years to discover I’m an avid landscape artist…  Most would have seen the signs along the way… starting with begging my parents for picture books of the untamed West and staying awake on long family road trips just to get a glimpse of my favorite fields in Eastern Washington.  No, my parents never knew I had this fascination with western landscapes, nor did they know I would say “goodbye” to the beautiful forests and ocean we enjoyed on vacation before getting in the car for the long ride home.
As a teen I grew to love most the haunting fall colors and late afternoon fall scenes of Eastern Washington, where the harvest moon would rise above the deep green trees and cast a golden glow across distant wheat fields.  Every year at school I would draw the very same fall scene for my art teachers – harvest moon, wheat fields and all.
While getting a business degree, I sought to find a University that would also provide a classic European art education but found none.  I had to seek out  and study with 4 European Master Artists who traveled to the U.S.  Under 9 years of apprenticeship under Slava Letkov, Artist Emeritus of Russia, I learned the ancient art of Zhostovo floral painting.  I also apprenticed for 15 years under Bjorg Kleivi, Master Artist of Norway, and studied under Misha Lebedev and under Sergi Terentiev – Professor of Palekh painting at the Fedoskino School of Art in Russia.  However, with all this training and years spent teaching Russian art, I decided that painting flowers was NOT fulfilling.  Ugh…. 
However, a trip to Laguna Beach changed me to my core.  Laguna, an art mecca, sporting 42 galleries in a 2 mile stretch of Hwy. 101 – is an artist’s dream.  I only got through 21 [...]

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