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I'm a southeastern Minnesota artist, living in Fountain, who was originally from northwestern Wisconsin. My hometown was Dresser, WI. I've loved creating artwork all of my life, or at least as far back as I can remember. Ultimately, I'm your average midwestern woman, girl next door so to speak, who happens to love making colorful, joyful, experiments that some would call art. I started out my professional career as an art teacher in Amery, WI, for five years. I then made the big move to the Rochester, Mn area and taught art at Chatfield Public Schools for 14 years. I'm no longer a teacher. I chose to switch careers, and become a mental health therapist who works with kids in the school setting. Even though I no longer teach art, art is still a big part of my life. In fact I've been creating more artwork in the last couple years, than I have in a long time. My teaching experience was a great influence on me however. It helped me to continually hone my skills, have a love for new and adventurous ideas, and to enjoy playing with a variety of mediums. It's no wonder that my own work frequently incorporates a variety of mediums, textures, and changing styles. I create mixed media paintings using materials such as acrylic or oil paint on wood with the addition of stained glass, sometimes sharpie marker, and other varieties of materials such as colored sands, spray paint, decorative papers and fabrics. I often frame my own work by altering simple wood frames, by creating my own frames out of materials such as old barn wood, and some of my work requires no frame at all. It’s not unusual for my work to protrude beyond the frame, and my works that are unframed often [...]

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