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The Artist Says:

“Art has always been on my side. Now I have immersed myself on Art’s side”.


Kelly Pennington paints with the highest quality oils in an alla prima (one setting) approach.  Her colorful and energetic marks are applied to linen panels on location or large gallery wrapped canvases in the studio.  If you look at her paintings up close you’ll see a variety of brushstrokes that look effortless and a variety of textures with a structured underlying design.  Kelly is recognized for taking her outdoor easel on location to her subjects in her home state of Oklahoma or on her travels.  The French would call her a Plein Air painter because she paints “in the open air.”  Her love of the outdoors and all things living helped her develop a keen eye and observation skills.  When the weather makes it challenging Kelly works in her studio creating larger works from her outdoor studies or concentrates on subjects that are hard to capture on site.
Artist Statement    My love for the outdoors inspires me to paint.  I paint landscapes, animals and structures that capture me emotionally in a representational style.  Studying from life is an important portion of my painting process.   I am always scouting for interesting compositions along the countrysides of rural Oklahoma. Some places I will revisit to paint in different seasons.  When I find a interesting location, I will get out of the car and wonder around to see if it’s a place worth spending time with.  If the art principles align with my emotions, I will set up my minimal painting gear: outdoor easel, organized palette, bristle brushes and linen panel.  I am organized so that I can freely connect to that environment with no distractions.  Through these painting experiences, I have developed a keen eye of what happens to light, color, and values within the earth elements.  I am noting accurate color spots, editing what is not important and exaggerating what needs [...]

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