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The Artist Says:

“Art has always been on my side. Now I have immersed myself on Art’s side”.


       Kelly Pennington was born in Ada, Oklahoma with an internal drive to create art.  She was fortunate to have had teachers in school that encouraged her creativity and observational skills.   These teachers were an influence leading Kelly to want to give back what she was so lucky to have received from them.  Kelly dedicated 17 years of her life teaching k-12 arts education in Oklahoma public schools.   Her summers were spent attending workshops with renowned artists.  Now, she is working on her personal art as a full-time artist.
       Kelly works out of an art studio in Ada, OK when she is not painting in the great outdoors.  She is motivated by nature and depicts the energy she feels among the colors and abstract shapes in a landscape using oil paint.  Kelly orchestrates interesting compositions using colorful expressive painterly brushstrokes honoring mostly nature and Oklahoma landscapes.
       Gaining local attention as a professional artist, Kelly is also participating in plein air competitions.  She continues to create her own educational curriculum, traveling and studying with professional artists and plein air painting when the weather permits.  Kelly believes in plein air painting for the information and energy that a landscape presents within the different seasons.  “I believe in capturing these beautiful landscapes and preserving them onto a canvas so that we can enjoy them longer”
Artist Statement
       Studying nature and drawing from life has always been my best teacher.  Even when I was drawing the school pond in my middle school art class, I remember experiencing a special elevated sense of presence.   I still experience this coexistence with my subject when I am painting in a direct approach.  I'm committed as an artist, painter and observer of life.
       I enjoy traveling and observing the unusual with the familiar.   Learning to slow down and enjoy the moment of now through my art.  I have been [...]

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