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  • Price Range: $350.00 - $3,600.00
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Having a passion for art from early childhood Kelly spent hours alone taking in the masters hanging at Kansas City’s Nelson Art Gallery. Enjoying and dabbling at art through his school years he went one semester to Kansas State University thinking Architecture would be a bridge between his artistic nature and the engineering qualities his father instilled in him. Trigonometry cured that path but a new one opened when he started an art gallery frame shop in his home town of Joplin Missouri. Although not producing and selling his own work.. he had an eye for great art and learned things that would later serve him well when he finally embarked on his painting life.
Much later... a 20 year career playing music full time eventually led him to the Galveston Bay/NASA area of Houston and quitting music to work as a yacht broker while living aboard his sailboat. In the 90s he sold his yacht biz and wanting to be near art again.. opened another art gallery frame shop... once again ignoring what he really dreamed of doing... Paint.
After eight years of gallery biz he was ready. Introduced to Plein Air Painting through a painter/customer, Julia McKee, he began to study with artists including Kevin MacPherson, Ted Goershner, Ovanes Berberian, Ron Rencher, Scott Christensen and others. Entering a painting and being accepted in the OPA show in Taos in the late 90s as well as winning a Purchase Award at the annual Bosque County Art Show in Clifton TX the painting life looked promising... but so was his budding songwriting career.
Producing his first two CDs, winning songwriting awards, a #10 song on Texas Country Radio & an Album of the Year at the 2008 Texas Music Awards for his third CD “Boat In Belize”... Kelly knew how to make a living [...]

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