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  • Price Range: $65.00 - $875.00
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For me, it's all of that and so much more. I find recognizable objects that I understand the intended purpose of and I take them completely out of context. I strip them from its original job and I reassign meaning to it. It's a journey of taking things from what we know to what we don't know and the fun of the viewer's brain trying to figure it all out. Not just to identify the pieces and parts (the old meaning) but to see what they become (the new meaning). This is no longer a ruler, it is an arm or a leg.

I have always been drawn to patterns, textures and color. I love the thrill of the hunt as I pick through junk drawers, garages and sheds. I choose things because of the texture or shape and I prefer to use things that are already broken. The discovery as I disassemble a piano, to use parts in my art, is a large part of the fun. I spend hours hunting, breaking apart and cleaning before I even get to the actual art. Like a sculptor chips away at a block of marble to reveal the art inside, I chip away to find my objects. Like a painter adds color to canvas, I clean, color or sand my objects to shine them up for the newly assigned purpose. By obscuring the original context of the parts and reassigning them in my pieces, I create my new story. [...]

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