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A fire,
fueled desire,
a maker,
born creator.
true seeing.
only being.
a poem about me by me


Lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Earned BFA at the Art Institute of Portland, Portland, Oregon
Artist's Statement
The truth, for me, is I create art because it makes me feel good. When I'm painting and the stereo is cranked and I watch my hand describe what's in my minds eye, I feel fully alive. I'm somehow more, I'm bigger, stronger, lighter.  My spirit soars with every stroke of my brush. I think, I might be able to fly. I step away and look back at my work, hopefully, with satisfaction, and humility.  I create because I was made to do so.  I create art for the same reason that I smile,  because it feels  good and I share what I create (art as well as smiles) because it makes other people feel good too.  
Thank you For visiting. I hope you enjoy my work.

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