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"Colour is a power that directly influences the soul" _ Wassily Kandinsky


WELCOME! So glad you are here. A little information about me:
I am an award winning, life-taught intuitive painter who is currently living out a dream in real time. In my youth, I dreamed of being an artist and traveling the world. That dream was put on hold while I worked in the family business and raised my family. But, in 2017 the opportunity to live a life of creating presented itself to me almost over night. God is so good! My desire to make art and create patterns of color on canvas finally matched up with real life and I am now doing what I know deep inside is my soul’s purpose. I am creating at a fantastic pace trying to make up for time lost and I am finding success. I am in a creation bubble and art is exploding from me like someone popped the cork!
I've always been drawn to textures in nature and the way God wove those together in our world. From tree bark to textures in the sand and surf, I have always seen things from a different perspective-not the item itself but instead the patterns on it.  I spent a lot of time boating in my younger years so I was heavily influenced by water. You'll see water landscapes and textures representing water come to the surface of many of my paintings. I love the blues of the water and the colors of the sky out in the open aquascape. 
My other inspirations come from something others might consider a bad thing.  In my teens, 20’s, and 30’s I had terrible migraines. They came with vivid colors of geometrical shapes and patterns in my peripheral vision. I'm told they were auras. I always thought if I could capture and paint my auras I would be a fantastic [...]

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