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I have always been an artist. Art was the only class I really liked when I was in school. Living in a small industrial town I had very little exposure to art. The first real art I remember was from a calendar of modern art that hung in my room. All I remember is the bright colors of the abstracts and the soft look of the impressionist paintings. My mother hated the art. Which made me like it even more.
By the time I was in junior high art was something kids did and I needed to grow up. The little art I made in those years I gave away. I went to college in Chicago to study engineering but I cut a lot of classes. Most of my time was spent at the Chicago Art Institute walking through the galleries. For the first time I was looking at real art painted by famous artist. There was an art supply store across the street were I would buy paint and brushes. I learned to from a book purchased there. When I painted I was free, in another place and time. I still get that feeling every time I paint. I was fortunate to work with an advertising photographer. This is where I learned photography.
After graduation I worked a 9 to 5 job. It took a few years to find one that suited me, well as best as one could. This supported my family but left little time for art with all the other family responsibilities. On weekends I would photograph weddings or other events to help pay for my artistic endeavors. My work would get into shows from time to time. I would sell the occasional painting or photograph but this was not an art career. I knew two things, I needed [...]

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