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I grew up from coast to coast experiencing various parts of the country. From the California coastline
to the Rocky Mountains and spacious skies out west to the green forests in the east and the rocky coast of Maine. I was born in Long Beach, CA in 1955 and lived there until I was 7 years old at which time we moved to Colorado. We lived in Colorado for 7 years and at age 14, moved to the State of Maine. Currently, I reside outside of Philadelphia and have been here since 1977.
From a young age, I always liked to draw, enjoying everything artistically related. An art class in high school helped peek my interest and taught me some fundamentals of drawing. At that time, I was gifted with a set of oil paints and from there started making paintings of various sorts, always focused on the realistic side of things.
I continued with that until about 1976 or so then stopped painting for awhile. Forty years to be exact, while raising a family and working as a house painter, then as a fine wallpaper hanger since 1984. In 2016, I decided to pick up painting again in a more focused fashion. I started with acrylics for a year then switched to oils. I would describe myself as being self taught, having a natural aptitude for artistic ability.
In realism, we focus on that which is manifest; the world we see and know in its varied complex constantly changing moments through time and its light, color, or shadow expressed in outward forms. We can see it as observable reality, but what is the mystery expressed in its form? What is the meaning, the sound, the thoughts, emotions, and the mind entangled within its experience represent? It is the beauty of [...]

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