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I love to paint light!  Light is what defines an object, person or animal and moves a two dimensional object into what the brain perceives as three dimensions. Light is my inspiration. Without light, a teapot is just a pile of ceramic, a mountain just a blob of blue against a blue sky, a dog's fur, just a hairy mess.  It's elusiveness can transform almost anything with a couple of strokes of light on a canvas.
Keith is an award-winning, international-selling artist who specializes in painting dogs. He believes that to make a really good painting you have to have an affinity for the subject. Keith was born and raised in Vancouver, BC Canada. He has always been passionate about art but until recently, just never had the time to dedicate to it. He mentors with Dene Croft, one of Canada's premier artists and is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. He currently lives in Vancouver with his beautiful wife Susan, and paints daily.

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