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Bucks County watercolor painter Keith Mountford is a fine artist whose style can best be described as “watercolor realism.”
Unlike many watercolor artists, Keith chooses to tightly control the medium, producing exacting landscape and architectural renderings with the subtle tones that are unique to watercolor. Through a methodical technique of layering and blending, he uses a broad palette to bring mood and atmosphere into his paintings, which act as a compliment to the technical drawing that is employed in this creative style.
Born and raised in industrial North Staffordshire, England, where Coal mining and Pottery were the main industries, Keith came to the United States in 1993 at the age of thirty-one.  He was inspired by the new culture and began to teach himself the complex medium of watercolor. Text book and "how to" were his sole sources in which to delve into this complex medium. He believed having no one looking over his shoulder was a benefit, as there was only ones self to please. Critical to his improvement was the ability to step back at the end of a project and critique the work, which he believed came from his years as a sales trainer, working for Procter and Gamble.  
In 2003, he experienced a set back in his life when he was diagnosed with a benign Brain Tumor which affected his balance and hearing. Radiation therapy was used to stem the tumors growth. Keith buried himself into his art, which along with his families support helped him through those dark days. 
 Since 1996 Keith’s work has been collected by a loyal clientele. His work is in private and corporate collections locally, nationally and around the world.

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