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Keith was born in Windsor, Ontario and after brief stints in Toronto and Victoria,  planted roots in Edmonton, Alberta.
He originally began interpreting the world around him on paper as a child in elementary school by drawing his fellow students.  As his awareness of the subtleties of the world around him grew, he moved on to drawing political cartoons and caricatures.  Prior to, and while raising a family, he began to explore different mediums such as watercolors and pastels through classes at the University of Alberta faculty of Extension.   It wasn’t until he discovered that oil gave him the most flexibility that he began to seriously study and explore the techniques of the Old Masters.   Keith now paints exclusively in oil as he feels that it is the medium that enables him to dramatically and clearly express and interpret the world.
Strongly Influenced by his past experience growing up in the inner city and, more recently, by his travels throughout Canada, USA, Europe, and North Africa.  People and urban landscapes have become the overriding theme in Keith’s work. In his portraiture, Keith tries to convey the idea that there is dignity in almost every human endeavor and that painting allows him to express that dignity on an individual level. Urban landscapes being the natural extension of his experience, his hope is that he can successfully communicate these ideas through his paintings.  For Keith,  clarity of expression can best be achieved by the dramatic combination of strong values, forms, and composition. 
For the most part, Keith’s paintings are influenced by the Baroque Masters such as Caravaggio, Goya, and Velazquez.  Russian Impressionists like Gelli Korzhev along with the Wanderers and painters such as Robert Henri and George Bellows of the American  Ashcan school.  He feels that the style these artists display on their canvases enable the [...]

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