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The Artist Says:

Plein air painting is my response to the moment - the reflected light in the water or the mood created by the shadows.

I try to make each stroke meaningful.

Collectors Say:

"Keith’s work contains a freshness and harmonization of color that brings out a realism in nature seldom achieved [by other artists].  Keith is able to capture and convey the spirit of his subject matter in a most remarkable way.  Anyone with a trained eye, a love of nature and a love of art will cherish a Bond painting in her or his collection."

- Gary Henrie    

"Many good artists look for a 'Grand Canyon' or 'Grand Tetons' to producea worthy painting.  Keith Bond can drive down the highway or a country road and find a site just around the corner.  The beauty is in the art, not the scenery.  The great western writer, Wallace Stegner, returned later in life to his birthplace, which someone had told him was the most desolate place on earth.  Stegner wrote that he arrived seeking desolation, but found none.  Keith can glorify the most overlooked scene with skillful use of design, color, and composition.  No fuji film green here!"

- Dave Sturges                      

Other Artists Say:

" I met Keith about ten years ago and have enjoyed watching the growth in his work over this time. He has an uncanny ability to capture the look and feel of the locations he paints along with their seasonal changes. The exciting thing is that he does so with out getting bogged down in unnecessary details or cliches. I look forward to what Keith will come up with over the next ten years."
- Matt Smith


A R T I S T ' S    S T A T E M E N T
Light gives life.
And, within all things there is an underlying spiritual component.
Those two truths are the foundation of my art. I strive to capture the true essence of the place by seeing and feeling the divine in nature. By painting frequently on location, my relationship with nature is strengthened and I gain deeper insights. These field studies painted en plein air are about responding to the moment and capturing the natural harmonies of light and color.  From these studies, I develop larger studio works which go beyond the spontaneity of the plein air pieces to elaborate on those deeper connections.  Rather than painting a literal depiction, the paintings are emotional responses.  Of greatest concern is capturing the spirit of the landscape.
To create a painting that feels like nature is different than a mere depiction of every detail. What I leave out of the painting is just as important – if not more so – than what I put in. It is like good jazz music or a good poem. I don’t try to tell you everything I know in each painting. I don’t care to paint every superfluous detail, every blade of grass, or every leaf on a tree. Through the expressive qualities of paint, I suggest rather than explain; leaving room for you, the viewer, to delight in discovery and to respond in a very personal manner.
Keith Bond’s peaceful and contemplative oil paintings capture the spirit of the landscape. He prefers unscathed pristine scenes of nature, but also delights in ranching/farming scenes that show man living in harmony with nature. Through painterly application of the paint (an artsy term for visible, juicy brushstrokes), he captures the [...]

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