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Kay Morris was born in Charleston, West Virginia in 1956, to immigrants from the island of Cyprus. Kay a self taught artist whose passion for art began at the age of nine. Her mother taught her to be observant, listen to your heart and never give up, no matter what life brings you. Kay having learned from life’s path, observing others talents and the credit she gives only to God for allowing her the ability to put his beauty on canvas. 
At the end of her husband’s life in 2003, the burning desire to paint turned into a firestorm; when she vowed to pursue her true passion – painting. Kay has continues to hone her skills by continued to learn, and studied with Larry Prellop, Elizabeth Locke, Mike Windberg and Katherine Uitz, and has taken workshops with Bruce Greene, Martin Grelle, George Hallmark, Dalhart Windberg, Ian Roberts and Carol Marine.
Kay lives in the Austin area, Texas with her two sons.

Competitions - winning entries to:

   2009  24th  Annual Bosque Art Classic Clifton, Tx
             Fredericksburg River,

   2007  The American Juried Salon - Dallas, Tx
             One of the Old Ones - Cicemon Tree

   2006  Salon International - Greenhouse Gallery Art 
               - San Antonio, Tx
             Villa Pitiana Italy 
             Cicemon Tree - AKA One of the Old Ones

Group Shows
   2009   Bosque Art Center - Clifton, Tx
              Upper Crust Cafe - Austin Tx  (WildCats of Provence)
              300 E. 6th Str. - Austin, Tx   (WildCats of Provence)

   2008    Georgetown Healing Arts Gallery, Georgetown, Tx   
               Main Frame Gallery, Georgetown, Tx (Georgetown Art Guild)

   2007   Georgetown Healing Arts Gallery, Georgetown, Tx

   2006   Greenhouse Gallery  - San Antonio, Tx

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