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Katya Zaimov was born in 1966 in Bulgaria and lived in South Africa and Florida before moving to her current home in Georgia. Graduated as a geologist, she is working as a garden center professional, fulfilling her passion for nature and plants. 
Her middle school art teacher Mr Hristov was most influential for the development of her appreciation of art, introducing her not only to the different art techniques, but also to the works of the great masters. She fell in love with the paintings of Ivan Shishkin and Ivan Aivazovsky for the incredible realistic details that made them so moving. Since that time art was always part of her life. She drew her first auto portrait when she was 14 and the love for drawing never left her. Worked with various media from organic wood sculptures and jewelry in the 90s, later fiber, textiles, and paper collages. Since 2002 Katya became a wire jewelry artist and a teacher, created greeting cards, decorated household objects and between all other activities never stopped drawing – jewelry designs, landscapes or common everyday objects. After years of studying ornaments from prehistory to different modern cultures and incorporating them in her designs, the pen and ink series of Fantastic Flowers and Fantastic Gardens emerged. She came to painting in 2012, experimented with different media like watercolor pencils, ink and gouache until she found her favorite medium with the acrylics. Apart from suiting her style of painting, they also let her mix other materials - wire, fiber and textiles with techniques like drawing and collage.

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