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I am the Artist and founder of Kat Marx Art .  I work with my clients to celebrate and share their unique memories and places of  “connection”  in the world, through art.  I create original artworks that resonate with their life experiences and tell the story that is uniquely their own.  
Each of us have memories and places where we experience a deep sense of connection.  Memories explain who we are, and what was important in our lives.  They are uniquely our own and have a story to tell.  They are something or some place that a visual representation conveys, often times, better than words.  Not surprising it is often said  "A picture is worth a thousand words".   What better way to share and preserve these memories, with family and loved ones, than a fine art rendering?  Turning memories into art is my passion .   
How will your family and loved ones remember and share the unique memories that are "you"?  
My chosen mediums are water based; and primarily watercolor.  I would be happy to speak with you about your special memories and connections to determine if  there is a good fit for creating a work of art especially for you.   I like to involve my clients in the artistic process giving them a joyful "experience" and another memory to share.  
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