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"Painting, which has been my passion all my life, has led me to a heightened awareness of the beauty all around us. My delight - and my challenge - is to express this beauty through my art. My quest is a continuing exploration of color, the effects of light and atmosphere; of brushstrokes, edges, and shapes. What a fantastic journey....
My goal is to paint in a style which transcends the literal, without losing touch with reality. Often the painting calls me to an impressionistic style; at other times "painterly realism" best describes my work. I have learned much from painters who have gone before me - I still love the work of European Expressionists and post-Impressionists which first excited me years ago -- Cezanne, Van Gogh, and Gauguin. Later I encountered the work of the California Impressionists, the Russian master, Isaak Levitan, the Canadian Group of Seven,  and .... There are so many more, including contemporary painters such as Quang Ho, Richard Schmid and Matt Smith. I study their works, and those of others. Through our shared dedication to this muse, I am a part of this wonderful brotherhood of artists.

Painting outdoors is about as good as it gets. It marries my love of Nature, especially wild places, with my passion for painting. Forays into the surrounding locale where I live, near the southern end of the Appalachian chain, provide endless inspiration.
"Here on the edge of the river," said Cezanne by the Loire, "the motifs are very plentiful, the same subject seen from a different angle gives a subject for study of the highest interest and so varied that I think I could be occupied for months without changing my place, simply bending a little more to the right or left."
And every year I manage at least one trip to the [...]

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