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Katie began painting in 2018. Painting and art had always been of interest to her, and she was eager, (with the time being right) to learn more about it. Her imagination helped to fuel the passion to produce dramatic and creative art.
The abundance of nature that surrounded her daily experiences as a child growing up on a farm in mid-Missouri has helped to mold and shape much of the art she creates today!
Katie’s art is created using dramatic colors and schemes which she hopes to use to inspire and engage the viewer to use their imagination and stir emotion from deep within.
While mostly self-taught, Katie has a deep desire to paint all the beauty that she sees. Her favored comment, “I’d love to paint that one day!”, has led to a collection of inspirational images of nature, people, places, and pets! She is thankful to have been educated, inspired, and/or mentored by several well-known artists of which include, Jeannie Maddox, Melinda Morgan, Ginger Thomas, and Dennis Perrin.
While much of Katie’s art is abstract, she also enjoys impressionism, mixed media, collage, cold wax and acrylic, using texture. At times, she will use her art to speak out or make known an injustice, or simply to raise funds for a beloved charity.
When not painting, Katie can be found raising butterflies from her garden in the warm months.
Katie resides in Dothan, Al with her husband, Mike, their cockapoo, Tillie, and cat, Zacchaeus. Together they have 5 sons, and 6 grandchildren.

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