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I was born in Santa Monica, California, was lucky enough to grow up in beautiful Pacific Palisades, California and settled back here when it was time to raise my own kids.
After working as an child actress (quite a lot of fun actually and paid for USC film school!)  and a few years working in the film industry (a little less fun) I was looking for something more fulfilling.  My mom, Virginia, and I decided to open our first art studio in Malibu.  My mom taught me everything I knew about painting.  After that I had to keep learning to stay one step ahead of some very talented students.  Sounds corny, but I'm sure I've learned at least as much from teaching them as my students learned from me.
After 18 years, my mom retired and I moved the studio to the Palisades and have been here ever since.  Now the Palisades may be a little less well known than its neighbors, Santa Monica and Malibu, but I'd have to say, as a painter, it wins "most beautiful".  From the hiking trails, to the ocean to some iconic architecture, I haven't yet run out of things to paint here.
No matter what my subject matter, what inspires me to paint is always the light.  Always the light.  Trying to capture it, convey it, share it. 

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