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Kathy Staicer grew up on Long Island, New York and spent her early years admiring the beauty of the hills on the north side and the ocean on the south side.  It was only a matter of time before the desire to put things to paper inspired her to pursue her art.
In her youth she loved art and dance.  When she was in college she studied both but because she was young she consciously decided to put her energy into dance and pursue art at a later time in her life.  She studied at the Martha Graham studio and the Erick Hawkins studio as well as at New York University.  She did choreography, improvisation and performed in several dance companies including the Genny Kapuler Dance Theater in Soho, NY.  She taught dance for many years into her adult life.
In 1984 she relocated with her family from Long Island, New York to Virginia Beach, VA.  This was a major change in her life.  She brought many of the influences from New York and began to integrate them with the calmer more peaceful life of the south.
As her children moved on with their lives she was able to move on with her art with the support and encouragement of her husband.  Having played with drawing and painting her entire life, she began to take classes in 1996 and began to paint part time.  Then in 2007, Kathy retired from working in the real world and has been able to pursue her art full time.  She has studied art with many instructors including drawing with Jack Whitlow, watercolor with Rieneke Leenders and Suzanna Winton and pastels with Nancy Mansfield.  Kathy has experience working in many different media, but her passion for watercolor consumes her and she finds it the most exciting form of expression at her disposal.
In 2008 she [...]

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