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As a Chicago suburbanite Kathy has enjoyed drawing and creating beauty since she was a child.  After getting her BFA in Interior Design from Iowa State University she pursued a career as a kitchen designer.  In 2010 she picked up a paint brush for the first time longing to do something more expressive and hands on.  Since then she has participated in many plein air events across the Midwest.  Additionally, she has organized and maintained a couple of live model painting venues for the local art community.  Kathy has been fortunate to have taken workshops with some of today's prestigious artists but credits her passion and gifts to God, the One true Creator
"Creating art is a passion and can be highly addictive.  Once I get into a painting it can be hard to put the brush down.  Any opportunity I get to paint from life (whether en plein air, from a live model, or from a still life set up) is a blessing and I love the challenge of capturing the subject in a representational manner on canvas.  So, what is it that inspires me?  It is the beauty I find in the created world whether that be the joy on a child's face, the delicate lines of a teacup, or the way light falls on the subject.  My goal and joy is communicating that beauty to you, the viewer.  Additionally, for me, creating art is a bit like being an explorer and a perpetual student.  Working in oils allows for a lot of experimentation in paint application and manipulation which results in each piece being unique.  Thank you for taking the time to view my work and feed my addiction!"  -Kathy Smith

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