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I have always loved art.  I also love animals, nature, flowers, and the southwest desert. I started dabbling in art when I was a teenager, and tried my hand at oils when I was a young adult. But life being what it is, mine took a different turn. I became wife and mother, and then took the secure route to employment by working at the local mines. My education is in business and information technology, and I have spent some time teaching. But my love has always been art and nature, so now I am working more in that direction. I have spent many years creating a few pieces as time permitted, and then giving them away to family and friends. I moved away from the oils and into pencil, colored pencil, and a few chalks, mainly because I could just put it down and walk away – plus the fact that there’s no mess to clean up!
About my studio name: My husband and I bought our property in 1998, completely bare. We named it Chula Vista the first day we stepped onto it, because of the beautiful colors that were playing on the moutains to the east of us. We positioned our house to take in that beautiful view - "Chula Vista"!
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. I would love to hear from you.
Thank you for stopping by!
My artistic heros and a huge source of inspiration, not necessarily in any order:
Mikki Senkarik - Oils - lots of color
Trevor Swanson - Oils - wildlife
Karmel Timmons - graphite - horses
Maria De Angelo - graphite and colored pencil - horses
Roger Archibald - graphite - western scenes
Terry Isaac - acrylic - wildlife
Susan Hemm Zivic - acrylic - southwest desert plants and birds
Helen Bailey - colored pencil - [...]

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