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Kathy Severns Ohannesian is a contemporary American Impressionist artist living and painting around San Juan Bautista. She loves that Central California offers many opportunities to inspire an artist with its diversity from its mountains to the sea and its ever changing dramatic landscapes.
"My goal is to express myself using bright colors and textures in a very free, painterly style, building the paint into layers with every brush stroke.  Within the layers, I express light and shadow so they vibrate with energy and strength, capturing the beauty of nature. I'm constantly learning and challenging myself to see more and to express it in new ways.
I love to paint "en plein air" where the beauty of the moment is captured in the wet paint.  I often use those paintings to create larger studio painting or I snap a photo when the light is just at the right moment for later use in the studio.  Everywhere I travel I'm looking for inspiration in the surrounding landscape.
Inspired by Claude Monet, Edger Payne and George Carlson, I draw on the natural beauty with layers of complex colors as they guide my approach to color, composition and texture, capturing the moment as the light is caught between the leaves or the softness off the gleaming moss on a old oak tree after a rain."
With an artistic eye, Kathy Severns Ohannesian has explored many different types of art from photography and watercolor to designing couture custom horse show clothing.  Her impressionist landscape paintings show her creative eclectic self and natural ability to capture what the eye sees in the everyday.

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