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Kathy O’Leary is a contemporary realist painter residing in Eureka on California’s far north coast.  Like many artists her interest in drawing, painting and designing began early in life and continued up through her college years when she began majoring in “commercial art” in order to make a living with her work.   However,  she became disenchanted with the commercial aspects of art and left the field, directing her efforts toward other studies, work and raising a family.  During the hiatus from the practice of doing art she maintained an interest and connection to fine art, through galleries, museums, books, and collecting original art for her home.
In the early 90’s she returned again to producing her own art and has been working at it full time ever since. Her basic training in commercial art and illustration provided a solid grounding as she explored and experimented with different mediums, finally settling on oils to express the beauty of the natural world she was so drawn to paint.  Long hours on the job and living in a rural artist’s colony provided her with many artistic resources with which to quickly learn and practice the skills needed to become a professional in her field. She gained further experience and knowledge working with several accomplished artists and attending workshops including workshops through Plein Air Painters of America and  studying with Scott Christensen, Carolyn Anderson, Mark Kerckhoff,  and Jim McVicker.Today, Kathy works exclusively as an oil painter.  She works both en plein air, when weather and circumstances permit, and on larger format paintings in her studio from field sketches and her digital photography.  The main focus of her work is the California landscape. Over the years she has traveled to many regions around the state for landscape subject matter.  Her trips have included several weeks [...]

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