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When Kathy Johnson was a child, Mother Nature provided a magic show every summer evening. She would sit on the back porch with her mother and watch the sun go down behind the hills. The light and colors would change from bright and colorful to dim and subdued in just a few minutes. It was magic — right on cue, every day; same time, same location.
Sunlight and color have been her life-long obsession. Johnson’s goal is to paint the world of light and color for others to see as she does: the way a tree glows when the sun is behind it, or shadows dancing with purple and blue, or how bright a yellow flower appears on a gray overcast day. She might choose to do a painting in oil paint or pastels, whichever medium interprets a scene best.
Johnson’s Bachelor of Art degree was delayed 20 years, although her creativity was nurtured during that time by embroidering quilts, decorating birthday cakes and sewing costumes. When she entered Clackamas Community College she jumped in with both feet and enrolled for everything: drawing, calligraphy, oil painting, ceramics, jewelry and graphic design. Eventually, oil painting and watercolors were the winners. Upon transferring to Portland State University, the focus was on oil painting and graphic design. Then Johnson spent the next 25 years designing books and magazines for Frank Amato Publications.
Johnson continues to probe the mysteries of oil painting and has been exploring pastels. Each art medium has its challenges and its special glories. It is an ongoing search that reveals yet more to learn. Life is never boring for an artist. There is always more to learn.
Clackamas Community College
Portland State University
Ongoing Education
Leland John, Oregon City, Oregon
 Susan McKinnon, Portland, Oregon
Roland Roycroft and Linda Baker, Michigan 
Judi Betts, Louisiana
Ovanes Berberian, Idaho
Most recently with:
Jennifer Diehl: oil 
Brenda Boylan: pastel
Marla Baggetta: pastel
Richard McKinley: pastel
Jennifer Evenhus: pastel
Barbara Jaenicke: [...]

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