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Hello, I'm Kathy Fleming, an artist working in many painting media.  My work is rooted in Spirituality and the landscape of country fields, rivers and streams, the North Shore, and my garden.  I paint and exhibit in Minnesota and Wisconsin and I hope you'll check back often to see what I'm up to in my studio.
Here you will find collections of my work as an introduction.
Journey Homeward
Rooted in landscape and rejoicing in words of Scripture, Kathy Fleming paints abstractly toward the essence of experiences we all share in some form.  Her medium is color because it evokes most strongly a response from the viewer.  John O’Donahue says, “We feel most alive in the presence of the beautiful for it meets the needs of our soul.” Fleming paints combining water media and soft pastel to bring that beauty into being. Working in oil with the range of color it affords, she celebrates the land and home; the places of our lives and the places within.  In this way she hopes to connect with you, the viewer on an essential level….beginning the conversation.
Feet on the ground
Two feet on the ground
Firmly planted 
But not in one place alone
A place from which to work.
My items all in their place
Leaving me free to fly, free to roam
Uphill and down
To the Great Shore
With clouds high
Forming a dome above me
Coming home to place, to self
To soil,  to Grassland
Slowly with intention this time
Taking time to evaluate
Hold close, let loose
Bringing along only the vital pieces
Forming the final picture
Moving ever closer, then,
Beyond the demarcation
To settle into self
Knowing that I know, 
Holding it warmly
In hands and body
Well worn and utilized
Kathy Fleming, 2017
Simply Blessed
Meditations in color and line 
These drawings begin as scribbles.  I make the lines as free flowing as possible, sometimes I go back in and add more scribbles.  I then look to find [...]

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