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Kathy Ferrell grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, one of nine children.  She attended Florida State University and received both a BA and MA in special education.  Her love of special individuals led her to a teaching position in Tallahassee, where she taught for ten years.
During this time she met and married her husband, Bob, and  together they loved and raised two sons.  She chose to stay home with her children, and along with homeschooling them, she began a wedding cake business, which she continued for twenty-five years.  
Upon retiring from the cake business, she turned to drawing and painting to fill the creative void.  When her husband died in 2011, after a long battle with cancer, she received encouragement from an artist friend to sign up for painting classes.
Kathy is relatively new to painting, beginning to take classes in 2013 with Charles Hazelip of Tallahassee.The encouragement of the painting class members has helped her to continue her focus on creating art.  Since then she has studied with Jane Slivka in Mt. Dora, who introduced her to a more impressionistic style with bold, spontaneous brush work and lively colors.  She attended a workshop with Ken DeWaard and Greg Larock at the Forgotten Coast Plein Air Event in 2015; and looks forward to more on site painting.  Study with Nancy Franke in Atlanta opened up the world of figurative impressionistic painting, and Morgan Samuel Price's workshop showed Kathy new paths she needed to study.  Acrylics are her medium of choice, although she also works in oils.  She is currently painting both realistic representations, and also impressionistic works using more vibrant and imaginative colors.  Her hope is not only to create a pleasing finished piece, but to learn from each one and grow in her knowledge of the many diverse aspects of creating a [...]

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