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Life is a journey and I want to live mine to the fullest, trying to make my little microcosm on earth just a little bit brighter, more colorful, and joyful.  


I am a practicing veterinarian who at the age of 42 decided to start painting .   It had been a faint idea for years, but amidst the busy life of practicing medicine, raising two children, and all the other distractions of modern life I never got started.  But one day I thought "What am I waiting for?", went to Hobby Lobby, purchased some  paints, and just started.  I sat on the floor of my basement on an old plastic table cloth with a canvas propped up on a cardboard box.  From that point on I was hooked and painting has become my delightful obsession.
 My career as a veterinarian is full of logic and deduction, analysis and diagnoses, evaluating objective physical findings and data to come up with a conclusion.  Daily I see joy and birth, trauma and illness, and unfortunately a great deal of grief and loss as well.   The art is a mystical and fascinating escape into a world of beauty, stillness, and color.  My only thought is striving to capture the fleeting light in a landscape, or the love in the eyes of a cherished pet, the quirky beauty of the mundane, and to celebrate with joy the connection of the human/animal bond.  For me, that is a little glimpse of God, a preview of heaven here on earth that I see in the natural world around me.   I may be walking on a trail or driving on a country road and see a glimpse of light and shadow across a field and I instantly recognize my next landscape. I may be going about daily life in my house, my car, or at work, and I stumble across some expression on my dog's face, or a classic canine pose at home or at work, and I [...]

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