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After her studies at the Academy of Art in San Francisco a recruiter interested in her calligraphic work introduced her to Xerox. Asked to help with the development of fonts for a new impact printing technology it was the beginning of her career in high technology. Weisberg has held development positions with Xerox, NASA, Apple and Adobe. She managed the scaleable font technology team for the Macintosh in the late 1980’s.  Never abandoning her painting throughout her tech career, Weisberg  has been showing internationally since the early 1990s.  Her work has been exhibited widely in both solo and group exhibitions in Idaho, California, Vancouver, Ontario, Colorado, South Carolina Vermont, in London and Beijing, China. 
Eco-Traveling extensively through Mexico and South America, Europe, Scandinavia, and the Arctic, Kate has developed an appreciation for the fragile relationship we humans have with our natural home. Spending time underwater as a Master Diver rounded out that sensitivity. Seeking a less populated and more diverse climate, she was attracted to the open, raw landscapes of the inland Northwest and its accessibility for Plein Air painting. She found a rich, vital land that spoke to her. Informed by physical immersion in the mountains, valleys, streams and lakes that surround her studio in North Idaho, she has lived and worked in the area since 2006.  
Following the established approach to oil painting and showing internationally for many years, she continued to grow as an artist with a passion to speak in a voice true to her own personal vision of [...]

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