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After her studies at the Academy of Art in San Francisco a recruiter interested in her calligraphic work introduced her to Xerox. Weisberg has held development positions with Xerox, NASA, Apple and Adobe. Never abandoning her painting throughout her high tech career, Weisberg has been showing internationally since the early 1990s.  Her work has been exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in Idaho, California, Vancouver, Ontario, Colorado, South Carolina Vermont, in London and Beijing, China. 
Traveling extensively through Mexico and South America, Europe, Scandinavia, as well as the Arctic, Kate has developed an appreciation for the fragile relationship we share with our natural world.  Spending time underwater as a Master Diver rounded out that sensitivity.  She was ultimately attracted to the open, raw landscapes of the inland Northwest and its accessibility to relatively pristine and untouched wilderness. She found a rich, vital land that energized her strong style of expressive pallet knife painting. 
She has been dedicated to studying painting for the sake of painting throughout her career, exploring methods and concepts that exploded the traditional forms of application and nuance. Hundreds of early works depicting wildlife and native peoples were shown widely and won numerous awards. When Weisberg began to immerse herself in landscapes, Plein Air works created in every type of weather and terrain, were brought back into the studio and larger works were created informed by the color and spontaneity of her outdoor work. 
Weisberg paints exclusively in palette knife using bold, decisive strokes to push thick broken color across large canvases, sculpting the sublime, imperfect [...]

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