An example of fine art by KATHRYN STOWELL



Raised in the Midwest, Kathryn received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Indiana University. While majoring in painting and drawing, she was interested in experiencing other cultures' art as well. She lived on the Hopi and Navajo reservations while completing her art education. After graduating she joined the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone, West Africa and spent her time teaching and exploring yet another culture.Kathryn's art has taken on many changes over the years since she began formal painting classes at the early age of eight. Most recently she has been doing acrylic and mixed media pieces on canvas. She is exploring the use of highly textured pieces to express inspirations in her life. Drawing subject matter from nature and personal experience, she creates abstract designs that are pleasing to her senses.Kathryn paints and exhibits her work locally. She has participated in Open Studios for Santa Cruz County since 1995.Kathryn hopes that you will enjoy the works you see here and will be inspired through your own interpretations. [...]

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