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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.kathywheatsculpture.com

  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $250.00 - $2,225.00
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I am a multi-media artist in that I create exhibits in wood, acrylic paint and clay/bronze, all of which has been on display at River Art Gallery (RAG) at La Villita in San Antonio, TX.  I also have sculpture on display at the Cloudcroft Gallery in Cloudcroft, New Mexico—a resort community located in the south central mountains of the state.  I started with RAG by creating and exhibiting keepsake boxes using exotic woods in non-traditional shapes then branched into acrylic paintings, subjects being equine and historic landmark oriented.  I now concentrate on sculpting with a Southwestern, Native American and animal focus.  Types of work varies from static Native American heritage symbols such as bears and turtles to action figures like dancing, flute-playing kokopellis and small herds of horses on the move.  My sculpture is displayed in various forms—wall-hangings; stand-alone, small pieces; large busts.  I have several styles, ranging from abstract to real-life, color pieces and bronzes--a unique blend not often found in many artists.    
I am self-taught in art and woodworking, having learned by study, research, mentoring and continuously striving for perfection.  I am currently studying with master sculptor, Trace Guthrie, and have since 2010.  Through his tutelage, I continue to grow and expand my horizons in regards to what I can do and excel in sculpting.  

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