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We need beauty because it makes us ache to be worthy of it. (Mary Oliver)

Beauty is all round us. My art is a gesture of gratitude.
To paint outdoors, au plein air, means to gather up my ‘kit’ and head for the hills. Or the river. Or a friend’s farm.  Outdoors, nature is the teacher. The land before me, the breeze, the chill, the morning songbird, become part of my painting. It can't be helped.
When a place draws me in, I make sketches, look for composition, light and shadow patterns. I take notes, scribble studies and most importantly take care to see, really see, what is before me. During the winter months these plein air sketches are reworked into larger more complex studio paintings.  It is a challenge to render the image in an expanded form, working to keep the painting fresh and alive.
My aim is to render the ordinary as it is, extraordinary. 
Kathleen Walsh began her art career 15 years ago. Before that she lived, worked and raised a family some 20+ years overseas.  She has served globally in art as curator, judge, workshop teacher and painter. Her art hangs in private and public collections throughout the US, Asia, Europe and Africa.
Ms. Walsh is represented has been a frequent participant in the United States Department of State Art in Embassies Program. She invites you to visit her at her studio, Libertytown Arts Workshop, Fredericksburg VA.
“Ms. Walsh’s art is interesting in its composition for its multiple layers of understanding.  The viewer is drawn to return and examine the image more than once, being rewarded with new discoveries each time. “    Ginna Cullen, Professor of Art, Virginia Commonwealth University.
Select Group Shows
2000 Invitational Exhibit, Villa du Toit, Geneva, Switzerland
2005 Artist Invitational, Corcoran Gallery Washington DC
2007 Artist Invitational, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, [...]

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