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Thank you for stopping by, I am happy to share with you the world as I view it, my interpretations of all that excites me. I am not a classically trained artist my studies have been independent and varied.  I chose those artists whose work I admired and studied with them at workshops or classes.

 Although painting is a big part of my life for over 40 yrs. I was late in realizing my passion.  I knew that I needed direction and luckily found Robert Barrell in my Queens neighborhood of Woodhaven, NY all those 40 yrs ago.

Bob was originally a NYC artist who settled in Queens to remove himself from the art scene of critics and galleries of which he had a great deal of disdain. I am very proud that I had the opportunity of finding and working with Robert Barrell. I learned much under his tutelage. Bob Barrel introduced me to soft pastels, and I continued to work with them for 20 yrs until allergies sent me in search of a new, clean, direct medium. I chose acrylic paints.
Most recently I have discovered oil pastels which allow me the excitement I felt working with soft pastels.  Although different, they allow me to draw and paint at the same time with many wonderful colors at my fingertips. I have also worked with watercolor and gouache both of which I love as well. My passion is for the process of painting and putting color to paper. Always a challenge that spurs one on to more adventures no matter what medium one uses.

My contact with many wonderful artists over my 40 yrs of painting has been exciting and rewarding in my continued artistic development.  These artists have influenced my work and I am most grateful to all.

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