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Kathleen Odell's                       Art from the Heart
Art is in us all.  For me, it’s what I believe I am able to bring to canvas some of life's greatest gifts. It's so important to be grateful for the simple things. There is nothing like enjoying the beauty that surrounds us. It takes me to a place of wonder.  What is it about "that" which attracts my eye, touches my soul and enhances my senses?  This is what I try to portray into every painting.
            I have always had a love for animals. They are each unique, in their expressions and energies that they project. There is something about their presence that helps us live in the moment.  When life can be so complicated and stressful how comforting it is to stroke our cat or throw a stick for our dog.   Why is that?   Is it their loyalty?  Their love and commitment? Their beauty? Their innocence?  Their vulnerability? Maybe it’s that they are a reflection of us.   I'd like to think so.  When I am painting I am in that moment and  I feel I am projecting that same sense of spirit.  I hope that any one viewing my artwork can feel my heart in my art.
I grew up in an Air Force family moving pretty constantly as my father was transferred from one place to another.  Born in Merced, California, March 17, 1960, less than a year later we moved to Loring AFB, the most northern part of Maine where my two brothers, Danny and Bobby, were born. We were all born a year a part, all in March.  What a time my mother must have had! We then moved to Puerto Rico for a couple of years.  I was five when we moved to Rome, NY.  Fourth grade was split [...]

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