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Kathleen Murray’s adventure as a watercolor painter is a direct result of reinventing herself after retirement.  With the instruction and encouragement of the Colorado Springs Arts community, she has found fulfillment and success exhibiting and marketing her art. 
The newest chapter in Kathleen's Grand Adventure has been to move from the forests and mountains of Colorado to the deserts and mountains of California.  Different colors; different skies; and different air.  The sketchbooks are piling up.  Kathleen's new home is a former church which is gradually becoming a gallery and teaching space.
Kathleen is a signature member of the Pikes Peak and Southern Colorado Watercolor Societies.  Will she continue to compete?  Maybe.  Right now driving to find new vistas is more fun. 
A storyteller at heart, Kathleen’s painting style may be described as expressive realism.  She is continually exploring various experimental techniques to further express her point of view.
Kathleen has been privileged to study under Ratindra Das, John Salminen, Linda Baker and Ted Nuttall and has, from the beginning, been directly influenced by Julie Kirkland, Susan Hinton, Tom Owen, Mariya Zvonkovich, Lorraine Danzo, and Jan Hart of Espanola, New Mexico and Costa Rica.   Gratitude to these and others is boundless.

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