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Kathleen L’Hommedieu
I was taking the ferry to Block Island and a stranger who happened to be an art teacher, said to me, “Everyone should paint.” I thought she was crazy. Seven years later and I would say the exact same thing! Painting is freedom, magic, meditative and joyous. I have spent a lifetime gathering beauty while rowing, hiking and spending time outdoors. These beautiful memories are my work.
And, yes, you should paint!
Meet the Artist
Born and raised in Connecticut, with a generous helping of travel, Kathleen gathered a wonderful collection of landscapes to paint. She finds both freedom and connection in paint and canvas.
In 2008, Kathleen was given a gift of art lessons with Ira Barkoff. Since then she has been taking classes and attending workshops with Ira at the Washington Art Association. Kathleen began selling work under Ira’s tutelage and holds her experiences with Ira in the highest regard. She has taught at WAA as well as Old Platform 6 and Studio 130.
A world class rower and Master Gardener, Kathleen has spent most of her life enjoying the outdoors through rowing, hiking and gardening. The vast majority of her works are creations from her memories of landscapes, sunrises and sunsets that she has experienced at home or through her rather extensive travel abroad.
With an insatiable palette for learning, Kathleen attended Norwalk Community College and the University of Connecticut where she studied Landscape Architecture. Kathleen also obtained her Master Gardener Certification from UCONN.
She currently teaches art classes at both Washington Art Association and in her home studio. Her work is collected in the U.S. and Europe.
Kathleen L’Hommedieu
New Milford, CT
     Washington Art Association virtual Members Show June 2020
     Ridgefield Guild of Artists Art Walk August-Setember 2020
     Great Hollow Show May 2020-Juror 
 •  Washington Art Association Facility Show 2020
  •  Washington Art Association Holiday [...]

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