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As an anthropologist and archaeologist I am fascinated by how people engage with the natural environment and the consequences of that interaction over time.
As an artist I can "visualize" the relationship between people and the human and natural environment.  Art enables me to communicate what I see in a direct and visceral way, from broad strokes to the details of light and dark that can infuse a painting with life and energy.  When it works it can be magical and a person can see things they have never seen before in the world that surrounds us.  Elements of a landscape are no longer merely trees or barns or rivers but become dynamic shapes in light and shadow with a life of their own.
I love painting in the Chesapeake Bay area with serene landscapes, endless water, hot summer days, the subtle and vibrant colors of fall, the quiet winters,  and the kaleidoscope greens of spring.  I am constantly learning how to infuse paintings with the heat of the summer and the glory of the fall and how to capture a serene moment.   Art has given me a new way to look at the world especially when I travel;  the glorious mountains of western Canada and the United States, the dynamic coast of New England and the fabulous mountains, lakes and forests of the Adirondacks in up state New York.  
I want my paintings to compel people to walk across a room to see them and to think differently about the world around them. 
I have received bachelors and masters degrees in anthropology and now, I am learning art from the ground (drawing) up (pastels to oils to who knows what?) through classes and workshops with the artists I admire the most.  My teachers: Katie Cassidy, Mary Pritchard, Abigail McBride, [...]

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