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Artist Kathleen Gray Farthing just can’t seem to go anywhere without seeing a painting around every bend. It may be a rhythmic string of telephone poles along the highway, a glowing light falling on an old hay wagon or a breathtaking vista overlooking the ocean—these are the patterns and colors that attract her eye and inspire her to create. And these are the qualities she strives to share with her viewers so they can see and feel what she does. “I want people to be as awed as I am, as amused, as delighted, as fascinated,” she notes. “That’s the challenge, as well as the pleasure, of painting.”
To help focus attention on the unique and glorious qualities of a subject, Kathleen employs a style described as contemporary impressionism. “Impressionism” refers to the fact that she works primarily outdoors, much as the original French and American Impressionists did, endeavoring to capture the distilled essence of the place, a fleeting moment. “Contemporary” hints at her modern approach to accentuating shapes and patterns while pushing the rich, chromatic colors on her palette. The result is a style that is neither wholly representational nor entirely abstract, but a beautiful, joyous combination of the two.
Viewing her environment with the eyes of an artist is a habit Kathleen seems to have been born into. “I’ve just always had a need to create art of one kind or another,” she recalls. Even as a small child, she loved to make detailed drawings, and as a teen, her mother introduced her to oil painting. Participation in a summer fine arts program for high school students at the Maryland Regional Center for the Arts was followed by a series of Saturday figure drawing classes with adults at the Maryland Institute College of Art. “I always felt a bit out of place,” [...]

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