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Statement"From the sanctuary of our small farm nestled in the Maine woods, to the hotbed of horse-country in Lexington, Kentucky, I have found subjects that inspire me to paint them. Light and shadow call out to be put on canvas. I move from realism to abstraction, mixing the two …. I see color, edges, movement and design everywhere I look. I need to paint them. My written word might be limited now, but my visual vocabulary is unlimited.Casein is my medium of choice, a milk-based medium that has stood the test of time. Its earthy colors with muted hues capture the moment and mood I aspire to create. Yet I am also drawn to transparent watercolor with delicate luminous wash and fine line……and lately to oil paint with its vibrant colors when painted on an archival copper substrate.With every painting, I am striving to tell a story, trying to invoke a memory and hopefully I can touch a heart."


  Categorized as an American Contemporary Impressionist, Kathi Peters’  work features contrasting values, bright color and design, that heighten the emotional content of her work. A strong abstract component is evident in her work, but not at the expense of its realistic detail. 
   Kathi works often in casein; a milk based paint medium that is not often used by artists today. Casein was used by the masters of old, but was forgotten by most artists when acrylic paint was created. Kathi prefers the matte earthy colors and the finish that she attains with casein paint. Occasionally she might varnish a painting in casein, and the varnishing gives the dried casein painting an appearance of an oil painting. Casein does not need to be varnished, as it is an archival paint. Casein paintings that were done ions ago by the ancient Egyptians are still in existence today. The decision to varnish, or not, depends on each painting, its support, and the atmosphere desired. But as an artist who is not limited to casein, Kathi is also known for her watercolor work and for her oil paintings, sometimes done on a copper substrate. Lately she has stretched her artistic endeavors with her newer mixed media works.
 Kathi lives in mid-coast Maine, on a small farm. With an education background in fashion illustration and commercial art, garnered in Rome, Italy, at the Academia delle Belle Arti and at ENALC 9 [ a commercial art school in Rome], she now devotes her talents to mostly equine, animal art and landscapes.  After suffering a stroke in 2006, she still paints full time.....when she isn't in her gardens.
Kathi’s  artwork has been published in numerous national magazines, including "Equine Images"," Horses In Art", ”The Chronicle Of The Horse” , "Carriage Driving World", The USEF "Equestrian Magazine", "Carriage Driving West", "Riding Magazine" [...]

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