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"The true work of art is but a shadow of the Divine Perfection"


Kathie Bugajski
I grew up on the east side of Detroit, in Michigan, in a quaint neighborhood during a time when you knew who your neighbors were. The neighbors were connected to each other. We all played ball in the summer and skated on our homemade ice rinks in the winter.
  I love the out of doors, camping and all that goes with it.  I would rather take a walk in the woods than anywhere else.  Nature has always spoken to the deep part of my soul.  I feel close to God and His creation when I’m there.  These elements molded me into who I am today, loving people and nature.
In 1983, I married Sam and together we reared two children; Samuel and Kristie, whom I homeschooled.  Teaching them reignited my interest and love of art.  After they entered public high school, I actively started making art, teaching young students and taking college classes myself.  I completed my studies at Wayne State University in sculpture and painting.
“Description of My Work”
            In my water color painting entitled, “In This World” a collage was first carefully constructed from photographs, torn paper and water color paints.  Working from real objects helps to create a sense of depth and feeling that is usually only captured by working from still life or life, and is why this collage was made, to paint from.  I wanted this painting to have a heaviness and bleakness to embody the emotions that the homeless and hungry experience.  To achieve this, a dark gray wash background was laid down.   The large image of a hand appears to hold each scene carefully.  The repeating image of a hand serving in the soup line not only represents God’s involvement in the world collectively, but expresses how he moves on [...]

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