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Having painted for most of my life, I relocated to the Smoky Mountain area after a career in Nursing.  There, I was able to spend more of my time honing my ability to create the painted canvas from life.  Rather than simply checking off a "bucket list" desire, I found myself completely enamored with the process of creating art with paint and brush.  I would soon learn how to improve my work through private lessons, workshops, instruction manuals and videos.  This is now a journey and every day I find myself finding one more  piece of this beautiful puzzle we call art.  I feel so privileged to stand before my subjects as I humbly attempt to recreate not only what I see but also how I feel. I find that in doing so there is a greater chance that creating a sense of emotion and space is possible.  No award or accolade can compare with the pleased and excited responses of my clients when they are able to invoke their own feelings into a piece and make it a part of their  hearts and minds.  Such is the thing all art is composed of and it is the ultimate goal for me to leave the best legacy as I am able.

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